Let me show you…..




This is the personal assistant, media hub, DJ….. a.k.a Personal Robot

The most advanced technology with human intuitive interaction. TeMi is the first Robot (I think so (^^) hahaha…) that truly interacts with humans.

WHAT TeMi can DO!!!

Personal Assistant 

Artificial Intelligent (AI) assistant when your phone ringing, TeMi can recognize you and give what you desire.



Personal DJ

TeMi has high-qual

ity audio sound superb s

ound you know… TeMi can play whatever music you want to hear.. of course it your way, your home and your rules…



TeMi is a fun learning tools, TeMi keep an interactive way about topics such as new languages, math & beyond learning.



Personal Care

TeMi can look after your love ones using TeMi connection. TeMi connected to your doctor or health expert 24/7 from your sofa/bedside. xoxo (^^).


So.. for conclusion.. TeMi can do anything you want.. TeMi can be you career, TeMi can be your friends and accompany you at home.. TeMi can take your cup of coffee.. people life become more and more impressive you know (^^)..

that all for today.. till see you next time.. enjoy your life… bye (^^)


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