Project: Community Service (Project 1)
Number of Students: 29
Advisor: Ms. Kathleen Lu 
Supporting Advisor: Ms. Elsa Shem Andy

Last Sunday on 29/9/2019, students who are taking Community Service this semester had served and carried out their first project by being volunteers together with Zero Waste Sabah at the Sabah Plogging Run 2019 event. 

Zero Waste Sabah was appointed to set up a waste management system for the event. On the day of the event, our students and together with the other Zero Waste Sabah volunteers helped out in educating the public about which waste are recyclable and which isn’t, while giving a hand in segregating the trash collected by 1,260 ploggers. 

Volunteers managed to divert 150kg of PET plastic bottles, 5 kg of aluminium, and 9 kg of metal from the landfill. By joining this event, students were able to learn the importance of thinking twice before throwing any trash; especially plastics. They were also shocked with the amount of unrecyclable plastics and waste that will end up to the landfills. This made them realise the importance of refusing and reducing plastics usage.

Special thanks to Zero Waste Sabah for welcoming and allowing our students for joining such a fruitful and meaningful event! Well done students for taking part in this!

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