The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. We do this through:

  • Action and Awareness. We pick up trash. Whether a cigarette butt on the sand, or 2000 km from a beach – if we see it, we clean it! And we motivate others to do the same. By spending a few hours together picking up trash, people gain a profound understanding of the consequences of being careless about waste.
  • Education. We actively engage children through our multilingual kids’ programme, connecting environmental values with hands-on experience of the impact that trash has on the local and global environment. Adults also learn experientially, backed up with information and workshops provided by our volunteers.
  • Sustainable Projects. We create long-term programmes that help communities to reduce and better manage existing waste, and strategies that will prevent future waste.
  • Inspiration. We motivate people to become Trash Heroes in their everyday lives. With consistently positive messaging, and a philosophy of “small steps”, we remove the barriers to change. Participants have gone on to make their own heroic cleanups around the world.

We felt glad to have this opportunity to take part with Trash Hero Kota Kinabalu to cleanup the waterfront area. We should create awareness among citizens and take the responsibility together to taking care of our environment. Love Kota Kinabalu!

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