“Away, away, from men and towns,
To the wild wood and the downs, —
To the silent wilderness,
Where the soul need not repress its music.”
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Source : https://earth911.com/inspire/earth-day-23-quotes/

Requesting polystyrene tapau from restaurants, given more plastics from the cashier while grocery shopping, purchasing clothes/ electronics/ beauty product and ended up bringing back more plastics and more plastics back to your home. How about buying Boba Milky Tea in a plastic cup then put it inside a plastic bag, consuming the boba with plastic straw for about 5-10 mins then throw away the plastics and straw into a bin. Do these all sound familiar to you?

Have you ever thought, one day when you are gone, the polystyrene tapau and plastic from café/ restaurant/ shops that you threw away, will still exist on earth as trash for the next 30-50 years or even over 100 years? Because plastics & polystyrene are non- biodegradable.

This talk aims to normalize the zero-waste lifestyle. The aim is to end mindless use of plastic which has caused severe pollution in our environment. It’s about minimizing waste and encouraging a sustainable economy.

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